Maths Time Joy


UK based producer Tim Worthington AKA Maths Time Joy is producing a different dimension of electronic and experimental music. His dreamy ambient work is being compared to the likes of James Blake and Two Inch Punch. His remix of Karma Kid’s ‘In My Arms’ reached #1 on LFTF’s Top Downloads of April, which didn’t come to a surprise to me as every track Tim produces is always bewitching.

I got the chance to ask the producer a few questions…

Hey Maths Time Joy, please can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been producing?

I’ve been in bands and things since I was at school but I don’t come from a musical family at all really. I got a copy of fruity loops when I was like 17 or so, and started out making hip hop. It was only at Uni that I really started producing seriously though, within the past 3 or so years.

Talk us through how you found your sound.

In terms of the MTJ sound I think with my 2nd EP Hideaway I was much more at a place near finding my own sound, but saying I’ve found it sounds like I’ve arrived somewhere. I’m always getting inspired from different places so I’d like to think it’ll always be developing. With the first EP Lightyears I was trying out a few different things, although it still had an overall theme I’d say it was less cohesive than my latest EP. I think someone’s sound comes more really from his or her approach to music, especially as a producer.

What is your production set up like at the moment?

All of my own stuff I just produce in my bedroom, some m-audio speakers, keyboard and Logic. Most of my music I make on headphones, it definitely helps me get more immersed in the music.

Who are you currently listening to and getting influences from?

I mainly listen to hip-hop in my spare time, I think because I’m almost always making electronic music I feel like I need a break from those kinds of sounds – Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, Chuuwee, I like Wiki from Ratking too. In terms of other stuff, a couple of tracks off the Jai Paul release I have on a lot, although the quality is terrible.

How did your remix of Karma Kid’s ‘In My Arms’ come about?

His manager just emailed me asking if I was up for it.

Your ‘Hideaway’ EP was released on LFTF’s label, how did you get involved with them?

Similar story really, they just got in touch just via email. I’d been following their blog for a while though so it was cool to be asked by a well respected music outlet like LFTF. It’s still one of my favourite music blogs, clean look and always quality over quantity.

Do you have a favourite track on the EP and why?

Let Go is probably my favourite off that EP, just because it was the one where I think I really captured what I want my sound to be. The track hideaway had been around for a while already, I was gonna just put it out as a single but then those guys approached me so I made it an EP.

How much DJing have you done? What kind of stuff do you play?

I’ve only just started DJing out really, got a few shows I’m sorting out at the moment. I play a mix of my own tracks and tracks I’m into really, definitely more of a club vibe than some of my stuff, there’s only a few of my tracks that I’d DJ out.

Finally, what can we hope to see from Maths Time Joy over the next year or so?

Lot’s hopefully, I wanna move more into producing for other people and collaborating on my own tracks. I’ve got a couple more remixes coming, a new single for Py that I produced called ‘Polyethers’, and some other production stuff too that’s too early to talk about really, but should be exciting. I’m working on a new single too right now, which I’d like to put out on a label.





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Ed Milton & George Stouraitis are 23 year old DJ duo – Tyro, producing fresh house & tasty bass lines. They first caught my attention when Troupe Records released their debut EP featuring two luscious tracks ‘Sophie’s Apology’ & ‘Like A Semi’ which will get anyone dancing upon their feet.

Having played nights with the likes of George FitzGerald, Eliphino and Ejeca they are ones to watch out for. You can catch them playing at Troupe’s event in June at Motion in Bristol alongside Boddika, Eton Messy, BrEaCh and more.

Hey guys, for readers who may not be familiar with you yet, can you introduce yourselves?

We’re Tyro and we’re a DJ/Production duo from London and Essex (now half based in Bristol)

How did you both meet and start DJing/producing as Tyro?

We both met in Coventry as we were both studying there. One of us had managed to pick up a residency at a club (Careys) fairly early on; at the time it was the only club willing to push new music and young DJ’s so it wasn’t long before we bumped into each other.

Tyro’s something we both started around 6 months ago. We’d wanted to collaborate and work together for a while so as soon as the opportunity to do so presented itself we just got our heads down really. We’ve always shared similar tastes when it comes to the music we play out and between us we’ve got 14 years experience DJ’ing, the time just felt right to see what we could come up with as a pair.

Sophie’s Apology EP was released on Troupe Records, how did you get involved with them?

Actually one of the guys that runs troupe used to book us to DJ other events. We’d already started producing a few months before we’d heard about the label so we sent over the Sophie’s apology EP demos and he called us up the next day to ask if they could put it out on troupe as its first release.

How would you describe your music?

It’s hard to describe what the Tyro sound is, there’s so many different types of music that influence us and play a part in what we make.

We both learnt to DJ playing garage though so obviously we have a lot of love for that and at University we both played mainly house. We listen to a lot of early hip hop, indie, jazz and stuff passed down to us from our parents. Its great for inspiration; we definitely think some of the best music gets made when producers takes their cues from other genres, you usually end up with something pretty unique that way.

Sophie’s Apology was your 1st EP, when can we except to hear more from you?

Well with one half now in Bristol we haven’t had any solid studio time lately but we’re working on some dates to get that sorted. There’s a few half finished projects sitting on the hard drive so hopefully very soon.

Bristol is well known for its music scene, how are you both finding it there?

It’s actually only one of us that’s based in Bristol at the moment but that might change in the future!

It’s a great place to be if you like music of any genre. There’s so many people here making music and everyone supports the local scene, its a really nice thing to see. Bristol’s a relatively small place too so you get to know people quite quickly.

Are there any artists that have caught your attention recently that you’d like to share with us?

A couple of artists recently have really impressed us. Latcha is on fire at the moment, we used one of his tracks ‘Apricot’ in our latest mix. There’s an intense atmosphere to his productions that we both really like.

Real Connoisseur is another artist we’ve recently come across; we were both left pretty amazed after checking out his Soundcloud. We had every single track on repeat for at least a week.

What have you got anything planned for summer 2013? Any festivals?

We’ve not been booked for any festivals yet sadly! But we’ll be hitting a few regardless; Unknown and Dimensions look decent this year, Worldwide Festival went off last year too so that’s on the list.

What are your goals for 2013?

For the future I guess we’ll just keep trying to put out the best tracks we can make and maybe throw in a few remixes along the way. We’re both pretty new to this so we’re just taking it as it comes. A festival booking would be nice though!




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Show #12 Krywald

Last week we had Ealing based DJ/Producer Krywald in the mix.. check out the show here:



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Show #11 A Lister

Alex Lister aka A Lister kindly put a mix together for Pick N Mix’s radio show & blog. You can listen back to the show which features the mix here:





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Show #10 ∆dmin

Check our latest shows on Mixcloud Pick N Mix show #10 features a mix tape from Bristol based DJ/Producer ∆dmin:





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A Lister


Bradford Producer and DJ A Lister has started to make a name for himself with his well-rounded deep house and garage grooves, as well as remixing for guys like James Silk. He has already had releases on labels such as Luvbug Recordings, Orange Groove Recordings and more…

I spoke to the 23 year old artist to find out more about his productions, where to catch him play, and also artists and labels that he’s feeling at the moment. He also put this splendid mix together for us including tracks from himself…

Firstly, please can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit of your music background?

Hi there, I’m Alex Lister, a 23 year old house producer and DJ from Bradford currently going under the guise ‘A Lister’. I don’t really have much of a music background to be honest; I’m just somebody who’ll listen to quite a lot of music regardless of genre. I think you have to be open minded, maybe not so much as a DJ, but as a producer definitely. I’m forever finding old tracks that I’d have never listened to years back and think “wow, I missed out.”

After you heard electronic music, is that when you felt compelled to make your own music?

Not quite, was a bit of luck that I got into producing actually. I’d moved house a few years back and made a couple friends locally who happened to be DJ’s and producers. I couldn’t afford decks at the time, but I wanted to be involved in music, so I did the next best thing and start to produce my own music.

Who do you think some of your biggest influences are as a producer?

I wouldn’t say I have many influences in all honesty; MK would be up there for me though, especially since adapting my music in recent times.

Do you take more influence from deep house or garage?

I’m leaning a little bit deeper in my current productions I’d say. I often get people asking me what ‘deep garage house’ is and where they can find similar bits, as they like what I do, but to me it’s just a tagline as I take influences from both sides.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Grant Nelson without a shadow of a doubt! He’s definitely got the Midas touch, everything he seems to put out is just quality.

Whose music are you digging right now? Labels and artists.

Label wise: Local Talk, Large Music, Luvbug, Hypercolour, Gruuv, Noir, Aus.

Artist wise: Huxley, Detroit Swindle, Hot Since 82, Dusky, Bicep, Dale Howard, Ejeca, Cause & Affect, Darius Syrossian, Hector Couto, Leftwing & Kody.

There are loads more I could name, but I’d be sat here for hours!

Have you got anything planned in terms of releases this year? And where can we catch you Djing?

I’ve got quite a few remixes coming out in the next few months. As well as a couple of EP’s, but I can’t really reveal all about them just yet. All my DJ dates are in the bio section on my Soundcloud for anybody interested in where I’m playing.

Finally, could you tell us a bit about the mix you’ve made for my blog?

Complete mish mash, just a bit of everything I’d play at different points in a night. Plus there’s 2 of my unreleased tracks on there.

Soundcloud –

Facebook –

Twitter –

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Shooting Horses


South London Based producer Rob Swaine, previously one half of Nottingham Electronic duo ‘Obstacle One’, is now on his way along his new musical path, producing House and Bass under the name ‘Shooting Horses’. His EP ‘Think Of You’ dropped on the Loose Synths label back in April buzzing with early Kidnap Kid vibes and included a delicious remix from Spokes.

I recently caught up with the DJ/producer to see what’s been going down… 

Hey Rob interesting DJ name ‘Shooting Horses’; where did the name come from?

Shooting Horses is named after a 1930s novel by Horace McCoy called ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’. It was later turned into a film and is about gruelling Depression-era dance marathons put on for people’s entertainment in which contestants would be forced to dance until they could physically dance no more. Like Strictly Come Dancing but with more blood, tears and suicide.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been producing?

I started producing when I was 17, making ropey drum and bass, and remixing the metal band I was a drummer for. I made the switch from Reason to Logic in 2009 and it was at that time that I turned to making more the kind of music I make these days.

How would you describe the music you make?

Somewhere between house and bass. I just can’t seem to stick to one genre for too long as I listen to so much music. I also find myself messing around with breakdowns for ages while writing, I seem to prefer spending my time on the fluffier parts of tracks than on the main meat.

Can you name a few DJs/producers that have influenced your sound and why?

John Talabot has had the biggest influence on me in the last year. Fin was sensational and was clearly the work of someone who put a lot of time and effort into their sound, without feeling restricted by conventional boundaries of song structure. Jacques Greene is another one, he can’t seem to put a foot wrong in my eyes. His Ready EP on 3024 was just great, Dakou will long be one of my favourite tracks – I hear something different in there every time I listen to it.

Loving your single ‘Think Of You’ (which is the first release on Loose Synths Label) can you tell us about the concept behind this song?

Thanks very much. The concept is a tough one to tell you about as it was written during three studio sessions over the course of a year and a half. I started the track in October 2011! Initially I was going for a slightly melancholy garage track, then as I started fiddling about more with new layers, it became more bass orientated. I put the pad sound in last and it brought the whole track together.

Loose Synths is also a music blog written by you, Spokes & DLVRY. How did you get involved? Have you always had a knack for music journalism?

Rob (Spokes) and I used to DJ together while at university. After finishing uni, Rob stayed up in Nottingham and I moved back down to London. I did a bit of freelance music journalism while I found my feet. Meanwhile Rob started up a new blog, Loose Synths, and asked me to contribute so I did. It wasn’t long after that Johnny (DLVRY) also began to write for us and it’s just grown from there. Now we run a blog, a successful clubnight in Dalston and are starting up the label.

So you’ve just released a music video for Think Of You. How did that come about?

That’s right. I’ve recently turned my attention to amateur film-making and thought this a great opportunity to bring a script of mine to life. The story itself is fairly cliché – the story of love lost and the memories associated with the good times together – but it was a lot of fun to make. We shot some of the scenes at our monthly night at the Alibi in Dalston. The rest of it was shot in my home town of Brixton. I made the film with my house-mate Angus who’s a pretty sick film-maker himself.

What’s next for you, what have you got in store for us?

I have another remix due out in the not too distant future on Artillery Records. I’ll be finishing off some other originals and looking to have them released. I’m also about to start some more production-based projects, in the traditional sense of the term, so working with artists to record their tracks etc. Something non-dance music which will be nice. And of course I’ll be doing plenty of DJing, both at Loose Synths events and at my other residency South of the river, in Brixton – a night called Get Deep. Other than that, working, paying bills, making short films, enjoying the sunshine… stuff like that.

Soundcloud –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Tumblr –

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